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FamGostarMahan Company

Fam Gostar Mahan Chemical Company, which manufactures all kinds of electrostatic powder paints, has been able to meet the huge demand of consumers of powder coatings, using its stable management and experienced technical and commercial experts. In this regard, the company has been able to achieve a standard of quality in a stable manner by utilizing up-to-date knowledge and advanced machinery and tools in the production line and laboratory.

۱- Research and Development Unit of Fam Gostar Mahan Company: (Creativity and Innovation The Secret of Difference)

With the knowledge of the day and scientific advances in the production of powder coatings has been able to achieve innovative innovations and successes, some of which are unique successes, following some of these innovations and products in this collection Collected and introduced

2- Laboratory and quality control unit (quality assurance, design and manufacture of any color you want)

The laboratory unit of Fam Gostar Mahan Company is capable of manufacturing and analyzing any color according to customer’s request with the help of laboratory instruments.

3- Quality control system

At Fam Gostar Mahan Company, according to ISO 9001: 2015, designed and adapted to the specific requirements of quality control in powder coatings, which is an ongoing process during production and has been able to obtain this certification from the UK QAL.

It is noted that periodic studies and tests of durability and color quality, including corrosion tests and particle size analysis, UV resistance and atmospheric conditions are also underway.

4- Production unit (production of high quality stability and durability in industry)

The production unit of Fam Gostar Mahan Company, using the most advanced production machinery of the day, has been able to bring a high quality paint to the world standards, precision, planning and consequently the production of a quality product thanks to the efforts of the managers. Efficient and dear workers in this unit.

5- Sales Unit (Your satisfaction is our honor)

Fam Gostar Mahan sales experts are ready to answer, consult, sample and order in all parts of the country for customer-oriented purposes and also have sales representatives in many industrial cities of the country that can satisfy the satisfaction and trust of dear customers. By offering a product worthwhile.

After-sales service (selling is not the end of a commitment)

6- To meet the needs of the industry, with the aim of attracting and satisfying customers with the benefit of experienced experts in color line optimization (furnace analysis and pre-paint washing and technical consulting), training and providing appropriate methods to reduce paint consumption, Always with his artisan friends